I do not know for sure how to start or even write what I have on my mind regarding the one particular watch.

Well, two watches, to be exact, but my first intention was to buy watch for my brother in law, who is long time pilot, for his birthday.

So, I didn’t want to buy just any pilot style watch, like most of people will do. Nope, I want something different and because his connections to US Air Companies I thought it will be nice to purchase a watch from US Texas based company Tockr and was not sure which one from these two models in C-47 series; Radial or Radial Wing, And there where my confuse started. I always do my research regarding buying watches, because myself is some kind of collector and watch enthusiast with limited knowledge and I like to learn, so I check a more than few web sites with reviews and descriptions about this two watches.

so there are no lack of articles about C-47 series of watches from Tockr. There are even bold statements that these watches (dial and case) are produced by Swiss company TEC Ebauches SA

Website Screen Shots

…and most of us know about Arnaud Faivre, who is running ETC Ebauches SA at the moment (For those who does not know that name here is a few links:

After all of that, I thought, YUP, that is a perfect gift watch. So I wanted to check movement as final research, regarding my purchase and I find that is made by Swiss company, Leschot SA Enginering which is absolutely respectable company and was just confirmation of “Swiss Made” inscription on dial.

Ok, all elements are there and finally now I only needed to chose between “Radial” and “Radial Wing” model from Tockr C-47 series and I check for as many pictures and links as I could in one afternoon. I usually use for that kind of research “reverse image search” because is easier to find similar pics. But, strange enough, when I was talking to my sister over the phone about watch, she was by mistake typed in her browser and was redirected to site of

(which I didn’t know then) and she ask me about some “Amir” watch she liked on website. What “Amir” watch, was a question in my head at that moment, but then we start talking about “round” or “square” (my sister is not in the watches, so I was keeping things simple .) and then she asked me about some “Stovard” watch… ok… now something was wrong. There are no “Amir” watch or “Stovard” watch on website so I asked her to send me a link…BOOOM… and there is a same looking watch… NO, TWO same looking watches as C-47 series from Tockr, but this two was branded as “BOLT” and price was WOW significantly smaller than from Tockr. So, what else to do but spent more hours (even days) in new diligence research about BOLT watches ( and there are some very interesting info.

First, there is a note under description of both Bolt watches (Razorback & Airfoil) which say: “Note: These models are not hommage or Fake Tockr watches. Made of original overstock parts with original movements.”

Second, they have own movement laboratory/factory in La-Chaux-de-Fonds which is very interesting, because Leschot SA have their movement production in same Swiss city and as the used movement, they are both using same Cal.726A8 or Cal.726/A11.

That was a key for my inner explorer to woke up in full and find more facts, real facts and I started sending emails to all of them, questioning origins of C-47 watches.

I could now write all steps and emails I wrote and how did NOT receive any official answer from Tockr or TEC Ebauches SA, but did receive few very interesting info and leads for deeper investigation from Leschot SA and SignsTimeMovements, so I will write just my findings here in short and ask you, yes you, to check and ask and send emails as I did to find the truth behind this two watches.

  • First of all, these watches have nothing to do with “Swiss Made” and that is not a bad thing but it is just a lie.
  • Second, TEC Ebauches SA and Arnaud Faivre have nothing with producing a case for these two watches because they just produce “radial engine” dial for SignsTimeMovements, so that is a lie too.
  • Third, both “brands” are using same, identical movements from Leschot SA Enginering, Cal.726/A08 (three hander) or Cal.726/A11 (three hander with point date complication).
  • Fourth, SignsTimeMovements have direct connection (cooperation) with Leschot SA Enginering and Tockr does not.
  • Fifth, but not last, Tockr ordered this two watches (not only this two!) from SignsTimeMovements who designed and manufactured them from scratch, including case, handset and they modified Leschot Cal.726 with different hand height because dial high radial engine design and put them together in ordered amount but there was a kind of conflict, so they are still in ownership of At least, I see that like that.

But I was proven so many times to be wrong, so I am asking you, all watch enthusiast to help and check all this info, because something is really smelly in this story.

In the end, I will buy watch from because it is actually “first original” watch and if anything goes wrong, they are the guys who actually made and put together (assemble) this watch; case and hands in Asian factories, dial in Switzerland and with almost “in house” Swiss movement, so who is more legible to fix any eventual problem or do regular maintenance of the movement.?

You can check all my writings very easy and with few emails, asking for official reply from Tockr, TEC Ebauches SA, Leschot SA Enginering and SignsTimeMovements.