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  1. We are used to this kind of little scams but was it really necessary? I mean, nothing wrong about sourcing parts from asia. So why need to lie about it? Ah yes, if you ask 2500USD instead of a more realistic 1500USD then you need to pretend that your components come from a Multimillion Dollar watchmaker. Curious how the Gentlemen Austin Ivey und the Watchlady Sophy Rindler will resolve this situation. I remember the TAG Heuer CEO was apologizing on Watchuseek for the attempted scam with the Seiko calibre.

    1. @Sunny, curious about the official statement from Austin Ivey, Sophy Rindler and Serge Aebischer. I wrote to Tockr, their retailers and TEC Ebauches. But they didn’t even bother to answer.

    1. @Thomas G. very good idea. People who bought a watch and feel uncomfortable can report it to the FTC and let them to decide whether it is legal or not.

  2. Was just a matter of time that somebody make this scam public. Curious why a company like TEC Ebauches with Mr. Arnaud Faivre is involved into such shady business? Maybe they don’t know that their name is used for this. I will doublecheck all the given informations by myself. There is no harm in writing them and getting their official statement.

  3. I read something about it on Facebook. Sophy Rindler and her Trolls hijacked the post of The Signs guy and insulted him and tried to put him into a shady position. Here is the link. Gil Rosen was trolling for Sophy Rindler who btw did not give any official statement about why it happened that these goods end up beeing for sale .
    Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653000825013706/permalink/2016241098689675/
    You need to be member of Horology Talk group if you want to read it. Not a very professional move of the Tockr.com team to attack the guy publicly, whom they owe money

    1. @Mansour, good observation. Thanks for sharing. Seems Sophy Rindler sent her Trolls without giving any specific statement to the accusations. That’s kinda weak. Looks for me like they are waiting that the storm is over.

    1. @Frank Thanks for your comment. Would you mind sharing more information about Sophy Rindler’s other projects? Maybe you have links or more specific informations? I just have problems with such a vague statement. This is an informative site and no bashing site.

  4. Thanks for the write up. That is a classical scam. Have a friend who bought a Tockr watch and will send him this link. Curious about his reaction. He bought the chrono. Is that also made by Signstimemovements?

    1. Read my text carefully and you will understand that the Tockr team (Austin Ivey, Sophy Rindler and Serge Aebischer) ordered the entire production from Signs International. They did the entire design, engineering and project management. The watches in their shop are made from original overstock parts. Tockr didn’t pay them and now they are up for sale.

  5. What is it about this tockr.net? I heard many spams and scams about the tockr but a back door website? The genuine one is tockr.com isnt it? Let’s see what will come out of it.

    1. @Jeff this is no bashing site. So this is just to create a certain level of awareness and sensitivty for a passion which we all have in common. I want to avoid overpaying my addiction (watches) and I do not want to feel scammed. Generally there is nothing wrong about asian parts in swiss watches. But I feel scammed when brands pretending to get their components from very reputable swiss manufacturers while sourcing them from a chinese factory.

  6. Why they need to scam? I mean better don’t tell nothing about your suppliers. Watchgeeks don’t forget this. And Internet has a memory as well.

    1. @Smail Why? Would you zip your Creditcard if you have been told that the cases were made somewhere in Asia? But if you hear that the casemaker is TEC Ebauches, the same company who did the Manufacture Royal watches, you don’t think too long and simply pay the 2500USD.

  7. Wrote to TEC Ebauches and Tockr, asking for official statement. They did not reply. It is kind of a strange behaviour. Maybe I will also write to Manufacture Royal.

    1. Did the same but no news. Instead there was so much hate from fellow Watchnerds. So critical people usually but if it comes to american companies they play the 3 monkeys

      1. Yes, similar I observated during the Shinola Scam. Nobody really seemed to be upset, except of the FTC. They were back to business as usual without wasting too much time. Whilst with the TAG Heuer scam they reall drove crazy and even made TAG Heuer CEO apologize publicly

  8. I was googling Tockr and found this. What a Story!!! My opinion is, before you cheat, you make damn sure, you paid your whitnesses.

    1. Actually this is not meant to be a bashing website or a killing brands website. From consumer point of view it is our right to defend ourselves against this kind of dishonest beahviour. We could have easily lived with the naked truth. But instead somebody decided to be dishonest for whatever reasons

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I did not mean it in a negative way. I appreciate that you took your time to create this informative site in order to open the eyes of the fellow watchgeeks

  9. Don’t make a big drama. This is the usual scam which, the watchbusiness is famous for. I remember brands claiming to have inhouse movements simply becuase they managed to engrave the Rotors with their Logo and gave a fancy Calibrenumber to some ETA movements.

  10. Leaking Industry scams is fun to read. Not so much fun for all those who bought that overpriced watches but at the end, it is the consumer who has the power to educate the Industry with his buying behaviour

    1. It is not meant to be fun, since it is a very serious matter. Beeing lied to is not very fun. Especially when a lot of money is involced. For the last 3 days we are under pressure. Hackers from Thailand and China trying to hack our website and they managed to get google rank us down which they partially managed to do. For a short time we have been downranked from the first page to the 2nd page. Keep on commenting in order to keep us up!!!

  11. Since end of last week, we have been ranked on page 1 in Google Search. That’s amazing. Also there has been some hacking attempts in order to rank us down. This attacks been initiated from Ireland and executed from Thailand and China. Temporarily our rankings been downgraded to Page 2.
    Some posts have not been approved because it contains vulgarity and this kind of posts we will never approve. I understand that some people bought a watch for big buck because they trusted the seller. But nevertheless, this is no bashing website. I feel sorry for them but I will not allow that this site goes down to Facebook level.
    Here is a screenshot of our stats
    Keep rocking!!!

  12. I was a member of Sophy Rindlers watchgroup Premium Mechanical Microbrands and I posted a picture there of the Bolt watch and then she kicked me out of the group saying I was one of Ibrahim Oktens trolls. Unbelievable, I don’t know him at all, I was just curious what she had to say about that watch but I paid the price for that. Bizar, I was really considering buying a Tockr Air Defender but no way I am going to buy stuff from her now.

  13. Got a C47 from my wife for my 44th birthday and watch was dead on delivery. Pretty louzy quality for a 2K pricetag. Sent back to Tockr and it returned 6 weeks later with scratches on the case and caseback from the opening tool. Asked for refund and waiting them to reply

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